Receiving paper bill & statement

Hi, Can anyone tell me how long after signing up will it be to receive a confirmation letter, paper bill or statement? im needing some proof of new address asap. Thanks in advance!

If you go to your online account you can download a statement and print it, as that’s pretty much all Bulb will do. It is the same document.

If you have been with bulb less than one month you can just download your welcome pack, this should have your name and address details

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Hi @jjrichards.dps and welcome to Our Community :earth_asia: ,

As Bulb is a paperless company we don’t send paper statements or Welcome Packs. However, you can either print a statement or the first couple pages (document is quite long) of your Welcome Pack.

If you’ve just signed up the Welcome Pack would of been emailed to you, or you quickly find it by scrolling to the bottom of the ‘Account Settings’ section of your Bulb account and then just click to download the PDF.

Here is a link to this:

Thanks for the info, but after checking there is not welcome pack at the location you mentioned , i have not received one by email either. i have made a payment to top up my account and everyting else is live , just no statements or welcome pack.

Hi @jjrichards.dps, I’ve just had one emailed to you now you should receive it within the next hour or so max.

Let me know if you don’t see anything by then and we can have a further look into it for you