Recent email from Bulb

Have had an email from Bulb ‘apparantly’ saying they have overcharged me on my prepayment meter. They will refund this if I give my bank details to another Company!! Anyone had this? If true why not top up meter themselves??

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I had this tonight also, will be contacting them in the morning to check if it is legit.

To be honest they offering £3 I’m not about to give bank details away for that. Just seems too Spam for me when I think meter should be credited!!

Emails from Bulb are normally from “”, delivered from servers called “<something>” and have a custom email header “X-Mandrill-User: md_30726160” (you need to view the message source or message headers to find these last two). If they’re not like that, I’d suggest forwarding a copy to

It is a real email from bulb I just claimed it when transferwise sent me the email. You might as well do it as you get double the amount as they were in the wrong you also have 7 days to claim it when transferwise send you a email got mine about 20 minutes ago

Yes I got this email this morning saying I was owed 7.56 but to go to another company transferwise and enter my bank details.

So looks like a phishing email so I did not click the link supplied.

My kwh rate has not changed but by tariff page does reflect this change. ie cheaper tariff

Transferwise is legit(the company they use for referral payments)

If you have the old style key meters these cannot be topped up remotely

So is the mail genuine or not -just been on my mails and recd same mail yesterday 30/10 but says money will be in my account by 30/10 !!!

So can’t they send a voucher or similar?

Yes, they could send vouchers, but bulb in their usual kak handed way of doing things have chosen to do it this way.
They already have a contract with transferwise for making payments so it would seem they rightly or wrongly have chosen this method

It seems a better process to change the unit rate to a lower rate for a week or two or longer that would have an effect of lowering any money they owe the customer.