Recently switched to Bulb, previous supplier didn't receive final meter reading?

We have recently switched to Bulb and just received our final bill from previous electricity supplier, which is based on estimate. The estimate shows that we used over 1000 kWh more than the readings that we provided to Bulb on our first day, which resulted in really high final bill.
I thought when you are switching to Bulb then Bulb is supposed to send final meter reading to the previous supplier?

@joanna1791 You’re right, the readings you send us when you switch are passed on to your old supplier for them to create a final bill. It sounds like something’s gone wrong in your case. I’ve sent a “reading dispute” to your old supplier to get the readings they’re using corrected. Once the dispute’s been resolved, they’ll re-issue your bill.

@jamesmbulb Thanks for the help! They have sent us new updated final bill :slight_smile:

@joanna1791 great news! Just let us know if we can help with anything else B)