Recently switched

I have recently switched to Bulb from EDF - i can see from my account the switch is due to go over on the 7th of August, does that mean i will need to provide EDF/yourselves with a meter reading on the 7th of August?

Hi @Shai You can submit these transfer readings any time from 2nd - 12th of August for your switch. We’ll send you a reminder on the 2nd. We’ll pass this to your previous supplier on your behalf.

Thanks Euan - I have provided meter readings today - however when i look at my readings they are dated the 7th August (as opposed to the 2nd August). Is that okay? Or do i need to provide another one on the 7th August


No you don’t need to give us another reading, we will use these as the start readings (we have a 10 day window to take readings from our members and pass them to your previous supplier).