Recommend increase to monthly payment

I have been advised to increase my monthly payment. At present I am in credit by £132. I pay £40 by d/d. My payment is covering my usage so I refuse to increase the payment whilst my account is in credit. What is going on? Bulb need to remember it is easy to switch supplier.

I am sure Bulb are well aware of how easy it is to switch.
That side if you are holding 1 months advance credit then no need to change, I just ignore their request, you can make any adjustments up or down from your account.

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AS52 is right tho: Bulb’s warning sign to suggest you increase payments is super annoying when you’re in credit by, say, over 2 months’ worth of usage. It’s not our job to lend them money for free. At least Ovo (who are annoying in a different set of ways) pay interest on credit balances.

I agree, however I was previously with Ovo and had the max (£1000) for interest however at the time it was a better deal (overall) when I switched to Bulb.

Yes I switched from Ovo too, mainly because after 10y with them, they kept calling me ‘Hey there’!!