Recommendation for EV home charging points?

Hi fellow Bulb members.

We are looking to get an EV in the new year and I’m researching home charging points. I’m interested to hear any recommendations and experiences from other user’s who’ve had charge points installed.

We park in an off-street parking bay adjacent to our property (1.6m between house wall and car). I’ve looked at options from EO Charging, Pod-point, and Tesla. The later is not eligible for the grant.

With regards to what we are interested in:

  • Ideally 7kWh to charge as quickly as possible.
  • Compatible with most EVs (especially, Tesla or BMW) (Type 2 port seems standard).
  • Smart features would be nice, I think this has become a requirement for the grant?
  • A tethered charger.

Though, to us cost is a big factor along with who exactly we get to install it and how the installation is organised. Not particularly interested in Solar or Battery compatibility (i.e EO Mini Smart Home) as we don’t have batteries and our PV is to small to charge effectively during the day, just covers home usage and are planning to charge at night on an overnight type tariff.

Any information would be appreciated!

My Pod Point has been rock solid for the last 18 months. The app is also very good, both for showing my home usage stats and for operating the commercial Pod Point chargers. They also have a very simple way for downloading your usage data in .csv format. I’d say Pod Point are my favourite charger company and I wouldn’t hesitate having another one installed should I move house.

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When we bought our Zoe, Renault had a deal with ChargeMaster and our charge point was installed ‘FOC’ although there was (is???) a grant available from the Scottish Government to cover the installation cost.

We’ve had no issues with the charger we had fitted.

I would go untethered in case you change vehicles in the future and it has a different plug although Type 2 is pretty common.