Recommended D/D Increase

March 2020 my bill was just over £100 for the month, my D/D at that time was £60 month, throughout last year I built up credit to see me through the winter, only had to add a bit extra once into my account to stop going into debit
Fast forward to March this year and my bill is lower, by £14 for the month of March, I have £93 credit on my account and pay a D/D of £63 a month
So you would think, even with the price increases and as we move into summer, when my monthly bill is on average ( over the last 2 years with Bulb) c£34 a month that all would-be ok!
No, Bulb recommend me to increase my D/D to
c£78 a month
Well no, I’m not building up a high pile of credit to top up their cashflow, it will stay in my own ‘cashflow’ account until I decide I need to top up my credit


Hey @Joanne2711 :relaxed:

We’d usually recommend increasing the direct debit if you’re estimated use is higher than it is currently. So for example if you’re estimated average use over the next few months is £72, and your direct debit is £60, although there is credit this will be used up and the account may go into debit meaning the DD would then need to be increased.

Of course the more readings we get the more accurate the predictions of your use will be and I can see you send us meter readings really regularly, so that’s great. You can keep the direct debit as it is for now, but I recommend keeping an eye on it as when the credit does get used up you may need to increase it then.

– H :bulb:

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Thank you for the response, I will be keeping the D/D as it is and will continue to provide my meter readings every month