Red light

What does it mean if you a red light on the two litle bulbs. Under the reading
100A or 1000 imp/kwh?
I live in a block of flats and the meter .next to mine is not so lit.

Flashing red on the 1000 imp/kWh allows you to measure your usage using certain devices. The light flashes 1000 times for each kWh used.

Can you post a pic, or the make and model of the meter?

In addition to what phproxy said, on my particular meter the flashing light appears to go permanently on after a little while of using no energy at all. i.e., when I’ve had the consumer unit main switch turned off for some time while work is carried out, the flashing light on the meter has become fixed on.

@Redman is it conceivable you were using no power at all at the time you checked the meter? I guess that’s unlikely. You’ll have to refer to the specifics for that make and model, as phproxy said.