Redirect issue finally fixed!

Hi @TimC_at_Bulb

From my understanding, your one of the developers at bulb, and help to make the site work.

Thank you for finally fixing the long long-standing issue of accounts being redirected to the community. It’s weird not seeing those posts anymore, haha

It would be interesting to know if you are working on the statement issues, as id say that those are the next biggest issue. IS there anything that can be done about these statements that get stuck in draft? is it even your issue to fix?


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Hi @izzyhunt thanks for the shout out, we’ve made some big improvements, but there are a still a few reasons that can lead to a member getting redirected to the community and we’re still working to get those fixed as well.

I’m not a developer just yet, though it’s definitely something I’m interested in. My role is to understand where the issues we’re not addressing are at Bulb, and make sure we either fix them or come up with a plan to.

Statements are a really tricky one as we send out literally millions of them each month, with a heavy weighting towards the start of the month. Making sure we send out accurate and up to date statements is the job of our operations team who have much more expertise in this area.

There are two main reasons members won’t receive a statement, one is because the statement is in draft, as we have a few validation checks to make sure we don’t send out incorrect and potentially scary statements. For example if a read was submitted with an extra 0 by accident.

The second is when a bill has failed to generate, often this is because we’re missing some key information like the exchange readings from a meter install.

It’s a real focus of our ops team and an area we’re working hard to improve. If you have any other questions or ideas, let me know. :smile: