Reduced rate for EV charging?

Any one got any tips for cheap EV charging? Some utility companies offer cheap rate green electric to charge your electric car. Dont think Bulb do this.

Bulb offer standard Economy 7 and the smart tariff if you have a compatible SMETS1 smart meter from a previous supplier. The smart tariff isn’t yet compatible with Bulb’s own SMETS2 meters.

EDIT: Having said that I see apparently that’s changed:

To join the smart tariff, you currently need a second generation (SMETS2) smart meter for electricity that can send us a reading every half hour. We’re only signing up a small number of members during this testing phase.

I’ve not seen Bulb make any statement about the smart tariff now being available on SMETS2 meters. @William_at_Bulb any advice here?

Hi guys, I know it doesn’t really answer your question but we are currently working on Project Juice, this will allow you to automatically charge your car when the energy is cheapest. You can find out more on Project Juice here: at the moment it is a closed test however it is something we intend to offer more widely once it is fully in place.

James W :slight_smile:

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Thanks James. I’ll keep an eye on your progress. We need all the help we can get to be green. :slight_smile:

Was interesting to see James reply. I’ll keep an eye out for any progress. Anything to help us keep power green the better. :smiley: