Reducing monthly payments

Morning all, I know it’s getting into the colder months now (and I’ll be using more gas and leccy as a result), but my monthly payments seem a little high compared to my usage over the past few months - how would I go about dropping them down a bit to use up some of the credit on my account? Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @kathryn1315, you can change your payment amount and frequency of payment on your MyBulb page here.

If you’ve got a lot of credit from referrals though, you might be best off transferring the bulk of it back to your bank account rather than trying to use it up slowly with monthly payments that are lower than your usage. Give Bulb a ring if you’d like to transfer some.

@kathryn1315 As mentioned above, just log in and reduce payments in the “Change My Payment details” section of MyBulb.

Thank you both :slight_smile: think I must be a bit blind, I could not find that at all!!!