Refer a friend credit - will you still take my DD this month?


I referred a friend and now have an additional £100 credit in my bulb account (yay!)

How does this now work? Will you stop taking my £50 direct debit for 2 months?


@Helena, unless you specifically request a refund or a temporary reduction of your direct debit payments, the credit will remain in your account simply as extra credit.

You can change the amount you pay but I don’t think it will let you reduce it all the way down to zero. You could set it as £5 for a couple of months and then put it back up to £50 again or make it £20 a month for a bit longer. I like the way Bulb let you play around with this although the slider for changing the payment amount isn’t as flexible as it could be for huge reductions - I seem to remember having to change it down as much as it would let me, then saving it, going out of the page and back in to then bring it down a bit more. It can be a bit flaky and not save changes you’ve made so always double check by logging out and back in again to check if the payment amount is correct.

@Helena as the others have said, you can either play around with your payment amount on MyBulb, or give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 and we can refund it to you or pause payments.