Refer a friend credit

Hi there, i have built up quite a bit of credit thanks to the refer a friend offer which a few of my friends took up… will this be taken instead of my Direct Debits, or could it be transferred to my bank instead? thanks :slight_smile:

You can ask bulb to either pause/reduce the next months bill or you can ask for them to pay it out, they like to keep 1 and a half months payments though.

It won’t automatically get taken instead of your direct debit you have to specifically ask bulb to do that

@Rachw8 You had a great referral week! I’ve had a look and based on your monthly payments, the next payment will be…
6th December … 2018!

Hope that’s okay with you and I would advise on getting in touch if you see that your account starts to edge towards debit. Basically a free year of energy!