Refer a friend keeps throwing me back to sign in

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I’m feeling fed up of trying to refer a friend when it keeps taking me back 2 the sign in page!!!???

This is a common fault. Contact Bulb for an account reset.

See: Meter Readings: Queries - #15 by William_at_Bulb

Hi @milburnzigs,

Thanks for getting in touch. Your switch to Bulb was objected to by your previous supplier - we’ve sent some more information about this via email, back in November.

Please could you have a read of this email so we can help you go through the next steps? Let me know if you need a hand with that at any point.

I’ve just spoken to someone at Bulb & I’ve moved over with you as had letters from old suppliers shutting my account down…this isn’t even what I called up about??? I phoned about trying to refer a friend as everytime I try it just kicks me to the community!!!

Hi @milburnzigs,

I’ve just dropped you a personal message so we can discuss your account in more detail.

It looks like we can easily sort out your issue - so sorry for any earlier confusion.