Refer a friend link in email (You're 100% Bulb)

Hey chaps and chapesses,

I received my email to say I’m 100% bulb (woohooo!) and I went to refer a friend from that email which took me to the website and asks me to put my email address in. So I did that, and then I get another email with a new referral link, which takes me to a page to log in and then takes me to the dashboard to get my referral link.

I’m not sure why there’s so many steps if you’re not already logged in but could that link from my initial email take me to the site to log in there and then? It makes things a lot more simpler. =D

Thanks for listening! =D

@amy9002 There are two links that are now related to your Bulb account. One to get you logged in and the referral link to get new people to join Bulb.

To login now you go to our website and enter your email address. This sends a link to your email which when you click, takes you to your online account.

If you want to use your referral link I have sent this as a message to you :slight_smile:

Hi dan. Maybe I didnt explain myself well. :3

The referral link button from my email took me to a log in page which asked for my email address (rather than just logging in) which looped me back to my emails to then get a log in link which then takes me to my referral link. It felt like an extra unnecessary step if you’re not logged in. I’m suggesting the referral link simply takes you to the login screen which diverts from the big loop. =)

Hi Amy9002, this change will be added ASAP, it’s on the to do list!