Refer a friend link not working?

Trying to refer a friend but the bit that says to send link doesn’t do anything ?
Anybody else had problems with the link?
This is my 1st referral.

Heya @pegsta

Hmmm, the link is working for me…

Could you give me a little more detail about the problem?

Could you give me a little more detail about the problem?

I think they mean the facility to email a link, rather than the link itself.

I just tried mine by emailing myself a link, and it works. @pegsta are you sure the email that is sent isn’t being lost in a spam folder or other filter somewhere? In any case, you can always just copy and past the link and send it to your friend via any other method - SMS, instant messenger, etc. You’re not required to use the “send” facility.


Thanks for testing but @pegsta 's link is sending via email too. I sent it to myself.

Let me know if you’re still having trouble with it.

I have just recently signed up, not as an actual usage customer (yet) but i cannot get a referal link either, keeps telling me to “sign in” which i already am

You wont have a referral link to give out until you’re actually a customer.

Or are you asking for a referral link to sign up with as a customer?

Thanks, didn’t realise this.

Sorry, just to clarify, are you saying you thought you’d be able to start getting £50 referrals without actually being a customer? I’m sure I’m misunderstanding something.