Refer a friend links

I’ve been a paying member now for a week or so but I don’t seem to have a referral link set up? Does this take a while or I’m I missing something? Thanks.

@DRC, you should see it top left here, even before your switch date.

If you don’t see it, I’d recommend giving Bulb a ring.

@DRC – my colleague @“Simone at Bulb” is going to make you one by Wednesday. I’m sorry for the delay.

For people whose first name is David or Dave, our referral link creator is having trouble creating a unique link. It’s quite a quirky issue. We’re working on creating a systemic solution instead of this ad-hoc responding to specific Davids and Daves who get in touch with us.

@DRC this bug has become a little harder to fix than we thought. Matt, our CTO (!), is working on it and will have a solution by next week. Sorry for the delay.

In the meantime, anyone who you referred can email us and let us know you referred them and we’ll add the credit to both accounts manually.