Refer a friend

Hi guys, are you able to reset my referral link?
I mistakenly put down the recipients name as the link, not mine - and now I cannot reset for additional referrals.
Thanks, Darren

Hey big D,

Yes, but it means your current referral link won’t work anymore. So you’ll have to give it our to everyone who already has it.

What would you like me to change it to? “seardarren”? FYI, we’ve consolidated community name and referral link so they’re the same thing, so if we change your referral link to something different, your community name will change too.


Fine, happy for that to happen.
I have only sent it to one person so far so no problem.
seardarren works fine for me, not sure Big D would work :wink:

Cool cool. All done. If it doesn’t immediately update in your dashboard hit ctrl-F5 to do a cache refresh and it should work.

That sounds for the best then :neutral: