Refer a friend

Can we choose whether the £50 goes to charity or to our account?
I moved to Bulb, even though it is more expensive than my current provider. I expected that I could save the difference by getting a few friends onboard.

I’ve just received my referral email. It doesn’t mention £50 to charity at all - maybe you can clarify what the current position is? If you are going with the charity thing, can we choose the charity?

Hi @kingharg as of this morning, the referral rewards are now £50 to the recruit and £50 to the referrer, so back to how it was before the December Charity offer.

I referred my son on the 28th of November and I can not see my award? about the 5th of december I got an email saying all referrals will go to charity, not going to be happy if i don’t get it as this was not the deal when I referred him

Hey @hilaryward, the day that your son signed up using the link determined the referral award that was applied. On the 25th of November, we sent out an email to our members regarding the referral scheme change. This change went live on the 1st of December which was the day your son signed up so the £50 referral award went to charity. We were contracted with Crisis during the period of December meaning we are unable to retroactively apply referral credit for any sign-ups in that period. On the 6th January, the Crisis scheme ended and any referrals you make from now on will have the £50 reward for both parties.