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Just come across to you from British gas in February. One of the great things I liked about Bulb was the refer a friend rewards £50 to them and £50 to us. Not that I was going to refer 26 million as you suggested on the site, but the odd £50 would come in handy….and then I have an incentive to pass your name on.

I’ve just gone onto “my bulb” for the first time and have seen on the refer a friend link that from December 2016 you’ve changed to give friends the £50 and £50 to charity. There was no news or mention in an email about that?

I already give significantly to charity, so not being funny here, but there’s an old saying, “charity begins at home” and although those who felt it was a bit “salesy” as you put it, are all very worthy, how come it didn’t go to an opinion vote or something? I’ve already been stitched up by being one of the 48.11% who voted to remain in Europe and my wallet is being caned as a result. And every time I hear someone banging on about how “the country” voted to leave, really gets my goat – I didn’t and neither did 48.11% of the rest of us. Anyhoo,

Surely we should get a choice, accept the reward or give to charity?

And my email of Wednesday, 8 February 2017 20:03 says this: Give £50 get £50
Bit disappointed to be honest. I thought you guys were supposed to be different?

I’ve already mentioned the deal to a few friends but not given the link as I wasn’t sure how – seems like I might be over £100 down if I do now and they take up the offer, they also liked the referral idea incidentally …

Might want to reflect on that and change to my idea or make clear in your publicity at least?

Best regards

@garysarabulb - sorry to hear that you’ve had a lot of confusion with the referral scheme!

In December, our referral scheme was changed to giving £50 to whoever you referred and £50 was given to Crisis. The charity was chosen by a community vote we ran prior to this change.

From January onwards, the referral scheme was changed back to £50 for both the referrer and the referred member. Ideally in the future, we’d love to be able to give our customers the choice.

As to using the referral link, people who sign up to us using your personalised link will then give you both the £50 rewards.

We’ve tried to keep everything updated and clear regarding the referral process and we’re sorry that it hasn’t been clear enough! We’re constantly refining our communication lines :slight_smile: