Refer a friend

I’ve had a few friends use my link to join Bulb but of the 4 or 5 I’ve only had emails and confirmation on my account for two, is there a system fault or has my link somehow expired??

Hi @Bobwilson76 having a look at your account I can see you initially were referred on signing up to bulb and have since referred two friends to bulb. If you email in with the names of your friends we can double check to see if they did use your link and get this sorted for you :slight_smile:

Hi Freddie, i’m hoping it’s all sorted now after speaking to someone at Bulb yesterday on the phone. For some reason ( they couldn’t tell me what) I wasn’t emailed when my friends joined Bulb. At last count I was told my account had been credited up to £350 from 4 referals. There might potentially be more but I have no emails to know for sure who has useen my link??

@Bobwilson76 - There’s a few more referrals on your account. You can see them on your MyBulb on the statements page. If you’d like to know more, just give us a call - can’t discuss the financial details of your account here :wink: But we can track the people who’ve used your link