Refer a friend

I have referred a friend to bulb as she is moving into a new house but the link only seems to want to ask details about a switch. How does she set up a referred account without a switch?

Hi @Nikki8279, when you say a new house, do you mean a newly built house that has had nobody living in it previously?

If so, I’d recommend giving Bulb a ring (0300 30 30 635) tomorrow to sort this out. Your friend will be able to give them your details over the phone to ensure you both receive the referral credit.

@Nikki8279 The house will have either have a supplier or no meters. If it does have meters then there will be a switch required and we recommend that your friend first sign up with the existing supplier first and then move over to us.

@“DanP at Bulb”, if the house has no meters, can you install them?

@mowcius at the moment if it is a completely new build with no meters it is not something we can currently do. One for the future!