refer a friend

refer a friend but they dont have internet

Slight problem there - Bulb do everything online.

From their terms -

4.1. By joining Bulb, you agree to manage your account online. This allows us to work together
to keep costs low and therefore energy prices low.
4.2. By joining Bulb you’re agreeing that you’ll undertake the following actions:
4.2.1. Provide monthly meter readings using MyBulb or within our mobile app or by
using the automated telephone service,
4.2.2. Receive monthly bills via e-mail,
4.2.3. Make changes to your payment details online,
4.2.4. Make changes to your payment plan online,
4.2.5. Keep your personal details up to date,
4.3. If you are unable to use our online service due to technical reasons we agree are beyond
your control, you will in no way be penalised for this.

@stevesg18 do they not have someone close whom they trust to manage their online account? A family member or close friend, perhaps?