refer a friend


I used your “refer a friend” service and they are now setup to have their first DD going in August. However i have not received the £50. Can you help please?


Hi Ann,

No prob - you and your friend will both get the £50 on the date that they actually start being supplied by us (so it’ll be the date of their first DD).

All the best,

ok thanks.

Can you tell me why the “currently switching” total is still at 0? The app is also stating i have “no pending referrals”.



Ah, right - if that’s the case then it may be that they didn’t follow through completely on your referral link. Would you be able to ask your friend to get in touch with us so that we can discuss the details of their switch with them?


Hi. I used this like - Referal Link Removed

Caspar, Annmarie gave me the above link to use.

Hi Caspar. Christine added the link used, however it has now been removed. That was the link i sent her when setting up with Bulb.

bulb. co. uk/ refer/ annmarie6562

@ChristineJohn I’ve emailled you to confirm some of your account details.

@“Caspar at Bulb” has this now been resolved?


Yep - you’ll both get the £50 credit on the day @ChristineJohn actually switches

Hi, I completed my switch and then I realised I didn’t go through the refer a friend link. Is it too late to give the details?

@fumnanya81 I’ve emailled you for a few more details

@“Caspar at Bulb” ok thanks for your help.
Should i now be seeing this on the “My Referrals” info section? As its still not there :frowning:


@annmarie thanks for getting in touch with us. We’ve sent you an email to help investigate this further and make sure we’ve got this added to your account.

@“SJ at Bulb” can you confirm where we are with this please? I haven’t received any credit yet for @ChristineJohn signing up with Bulb.

Hi @annmarie

I’ve added that referral credit on for you now.

Sorry for the delay.

Ok thanks @“Rob at Bulb” . Do you know how long it will take for myself and @ChristineJohn will receive our credit(s)?

Hey @annmarie. @“Rob at Bulb” has added £50 credit to both your and @ChristineJohn’s accounts. You will be able to see this in the “payments and statements” tab on your Bulb Account.

Hi @“Eleanor at Bulb” . Thanks for you help.