Refer a friend

I switched to bulb through a referall link from my mother in law and the switch is now complete, although neither of us have received confirmation of the £50 referall payment and it isn’t showing in my referalls on my account. Since then, my step-mum has switched using my referrall link and I received an email immediately letting me know and it is showing as currently switching on my referralls page. Please can you let me know when my mother in law and I can expect to receive the £50 from my switch? Many thanks.

Hi @KellyB ,

I would drop Bulb an email at with your mother-in-law’s referral link and ask them to check. I have heard/seen a few occurrences where referrals just weren’t fully registered (I’ve actually received a credit on my account for a referral, but no referral was listed - it turns out it was one that ‘slipped through the cracks’ but was caught later), but Bulb’s still uncertain what causes that to happen. If you email them directly, they’ll be able to look into things.