Refer a friend

Hi There
This morning I finally cinvoiced my friend to join bulb.
She went through my link got her quote and joined.
I thought I would have got some sort of message or email telling meveryone my friend has joined and my £50 credit would be pending ( I know it takes 21 days) No even pending on my account where it says “Number of Friends pending” will I here in the next couple of days or has she messed up somewhere a long the linesame

Hi @Cheesecake, When signing up with a referral link, the link needs to be copied into the search bar on your web browser. This takes you to a special sign up page which will add the credit to both your and your friends’ accounts. This should trigger an email to both of you and then show up on the referrers’ account as pending. On the switch day, the credit will be added automatically to both your accounts.

I’ve sent you a private message to take a look at your account for you. :smile: