Refer a friend

Hello, i signed up to Bulb via the refer a friend scheme. When will my account be credited with the £50 and how will billing work with this? Will my next bill after this is credited be minus the £50?

If you haven’t received your switching credit, contact Bulb and ask about the problem.

The contact information is available in the help section linked at the top from the “Help” button.

In terms of billing, it sounds like you’re confusing your monthly payment with the bill. They are not the same. Your switching credit will simply be added to your account along with your normal monthly payments. Nothing will appear on any of your bills. The bonus will simply contribute to the balance of your account from which your bills are deducted. Think of your Bulb account as another bank account, you make payments in, bills get deducted out, and you should never let the account go overdrawn.

Bulb monthly payments work exactly the same way as every other supplier that operates a monthly payment scheme via direct debit. However, this article may help you if you’re not familiar with the system - How Bulb charges for energy usage – Bulb