Refer friend

Neither my friend or myself knew about the refer a friend scheme . He told me about Bulb and I joined this weekend then I received notification on my joining page about £50 referral so I’m annoyed that I might have missed out on this and he too. I have emailed Bulb to ask if they might honour this after the fact as has now sent me his referral link a day after I joined. Has anyone in this circumstance who joined and also didn’t know about it managed to get Bulb to honour a referral to them made shortly after joining? Since I’ve supplied the referral source and they have new business from me as a result of my friend telling me about Bulb it would be nice to think they will honour this.

@MB8, in the past they have credited accounts in similar situations.

If this is what your email response time question is about then a few days later won’t be an issue. You wouldn’t get the credit until your switch date (normally 21 days after sign-up) anyway.

@MB8 I have just replied to your email about your referral link.