Refer your friends and get £50 each

To celebrate the launch of our referral programme we’re setting the rewards HIGH. We’ll probably have to bring this down in the future, but we wanted to reward our early members for sticking with us from the beginning.

For every signup, both you and your friend will get £50 each. Do this with enough friends and you’ll never have to pay for energy again!

How do I get my reward?
We’ll add credit to your Bulb accounts when your friend’s switch completes successfully. This will be 3 weeks after they sign you up. We’ll shoot you both an email when it happens. It’s possible that your friend might not complete the switch. Fingers crossed this won’t happen though.

How many times can I earn this reward?
About 26 million. There are “only” about 26 million homes in the UK, so you’ve got a few to get through before you run out. The reward amount may change in the future, so make the most of it while it’s available.

How can I tell who I’ve referred?
We’ll send you an email whenever someone signs up with your link. We’re also building a fancy referral dashboard with useful features where you can see this as well. We’ll let you know when this is ready.

How should I invite people?
People like to put off thinking about their energy, so why not get them a quote when you’re together. Email, twitter and carrier pigeon all work pretty well too. To track the referral, you will need to make sure your friend uses your unique referral link. It looks like this: