Referal Credit

My switch has completed and i have topped up both my gas&electric metre. just curious as to how long it takes to get the transferwise email through with the £50 on

Hi I am on a pre payment meter and was told my referral credit of £50 would take a bit longer than 21 days and I will receive a email from TRANSFERWISE which I did on the 27th of April and would have to sign up with them to receive it. I am still waiting for it and it is now the 24th of May. If you are on normal meter it will be credit to your bank account in 21 days or maybe a bit longer. Hope you have better luck than me.

Hello @ronnieevelyn and @mexico2002 - If you’re on prepay meters, the credit will be sent through Transferwise once we receive notification of your first electricity top-up (this can take 1-3 working days). More info here:

Any problems, please get in touch on Thanks.