Referal Links

Hello im new to bulb and wondered if you can still use your referal link on trust pilot anf if theres any restrictions i should be aware of.

I’m purely a customer of Bulb but their T&C prohibit using the referral link on Trustpilot:

Please see

16.3.9. Personal Links may not be posted or shared on review platforms such as, but not limited to Trustpilot and Google reviews. This is to protect the integrity of reviews.

i guess its now limited to family and friends now then.Have i understood right your limited to just one reward then?

theres still plenty reviews/referrals being posted on trustpilot though or am i missing something.

Hi there @phil60 as @Allanr says we do ask people not to put their links on Trustpilot and that sort of site, though they do seem to keep cropping up. You aren’t limited to just one reward by any means, and you’re more than welcome to put the link up on your own facebook page, that sort of thing, we just ask that you don’t put them on a review site or use any Bulb branding to advertise the link