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I have emailed about this but have just been told “the matter has been referred further” which is a bit vague and non-specific to be honest!

I referred a friend to Bulb, their switch confirmed on August 16th but I didn’t receive any communication from Wise or a transfer of my referral payment.

When I emailed I was told that records showed the money had been transferred and was shown a screenshot (which tbh out of context meant very little to me) which apparently showed that - but it didn’t show any bank details or anything, just my name and a bulb reference. So I sent on screenshot of my bank statement to demonstrate no money had been transferred and was then told “We transferred the same credit to the current account we in June. [Sic]”

However I didn’t refer anyone in June. The only other referal I have made was in April and that payment transfer all happened quickly on the same day as my friend’s switch being confirmed. As I say, all I have been told so far that there’s no more feedback as it’s been “referred further” but there’s no information on what that means or a timeline. I just don’t really want it to be vaguely passed on and then forgotten about.

Can someone update me on what’s actually happening please? Is it likely someone else’s details were used? A simple check of the bank details it was sent to should clear it up, I would think? Also is it standard practice for Wise to just send the money to a previous bank account without confirming the details first?

Thanks in advance for your assistance, I just feel a bit like some more communication about what is happening would be helpful!

Hi there @polkadotleopard

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to the Bulb community :wave:

I am sorry to hear of your poor customer service experience in regards to your recent referral.

From looking into your account I can see that a member was successfully referred on 16/08/2021 and Transferwise sent you an email with how to retrieve your £50 on the 17/08/2021.

Upon further investigation, I can see that Transferwise have recently sent the money back to us. This occurs when either the email link expired, or the transfer of the payment failed.

I have just sent you an email, and requested that Transferwise resend you the payment email again which should arrive within 1-4 working days. I’d also recommend checking your junk email box just in case it ends up in there.

If you do not recieve the email again, please let me know and we can try an alternative method.



Hi Nathan, thanks so much for getting back to me and investigating so quickly.

I’ll look out for the email from Transferwise in the next few days. I definitely didn’t receive an email before as I double checked my junk mail etc so not sure what went amiss. I guess it got lost in the ether somewhere!

Thanks again for your assistance.

Kind regards,

No problem at all @polkadotleopard, i’ve popped you a quick email so you can let me know if you haven’t received it again and we can try another way :raised_hands:

Thank you


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