The email you sent offers on Tuesdays offers £100 fro this week but if I log on to my account my referrals are only £50???

@johncording, as referrals only come through when the person you have referred has completed their switch, it will be about 3 weeks before you start seeing the £100 credits come into your account.
They should be listed in “Currently Switching” on your referral page dashboard right now.

Any credits you can see in your account now will be from past referrals.

Oh, now I see what you actually mean.

It appears to just be the referral page.

If you follow your link, for the person being referred it still says £100.

Hopefully just an aesthetic issue and the actual figure hasn’t changed in the background. I’ll have to leave that one for the Bulb team to answer.

Hi @johncording yes, I’m afraid the referrals page itself hasn’t been changed! £100 will definitely be added if you referred someone this week, if not then just give us a call and we can get that bumped up for you :slight_smile: