So… One of my friends “witched” to Bulb yesterday and I have received the £50 credit. Another of my friends switched four days ago and I’ve jet to recieve that one. Any ideas why please?

Update: the referals credite have now come through!

Hi @Nick69g - Thanks for the update!! Glad it’s all worked out :slight_smile:

We were referred by my brother in law months ago…neither of us have got our £50 sent mails no reply…not happy

I joined bulb after advice from someone who is a Bulb customer, realised hours later that I needed to join via a referal. I phoned Bulb and was advised to close my account and then rejoin after 24hrs using referal. Did this but received email from Bulb stating that I was not eligible for the £50 because I was a previous member. I was a member for 9hrs approx, a bit harsh I think.

@Hardswede1 Get in touch with Bulb again. The automated referral rejection emails are relatively new and still have the odd glitch. They will be able to override the rejection.