I’m new to bulb and as energy providers go it’s great I’ve got 5 referrals already as so many of my friends are looking for a good energy supplier :slight_smile:

But one friend has switched and it’s now going through via my referral link but it didn’t track we think this might be as he only has one fuel (Electric) although his spend is as high as anyone with duel fuel.

Can anyone confirm?



Single fuel switches work the same as dual fuel switches as far as referrals go, so it should be visible in your dashboard.

If however the referral was added manually (as opposed to your referral link being used), then it might not show up.

Thanks the referral link was used what would be the best way for me to contact bulb to get them to link it online chat? Email


Online chat or a phone call will get you the quickest result, although if you’re in no rush email will do. Bulb would probably ask that your friend contact them, rather than you as the referrer.

They’ll need the referrer name plus referrer email address (as given to Bulb), referral link or post code.

The likelihood is that the referral won’t appear in your account and you’ll receive no confirmation that it’s been added. Which also means the £50 credits won’t be added automatically, so you might have to chase it up when the switch completes.

Thanks a lot for your help will get my friend to contact them to sort that one out