Refered by friend, still full bill?

hi there I’ve been refered and should get £50 off o my first bill and they should also get £50 but I’ve just had an email saying my bill will be the regular amount, no discount or credit seems to have been applied

The £50 does not come off your Bill as such it is added to your balance.

@Robstocks as @scudo says If your account is in enough credit to cover your next payment, the payment won’t automatically be stopped or reduced.

Your payments are an average to cover your annual cost of energy.

You tend to use more energy in the winter, and less in the summer. So, your ideal monthly payment amount would be an average of your winter and summer bills.

Your regular meter readings help ensure you’re being charged the right amount. If your payments look to high or low, we’d tell you in the 'Payments & statements" section.

is there a way to check that the £50 has been credited?

@Robstocks : If you login to your account ( https:// ) and go to ‘Payments and Statements’ , it should show as ‘Credit added : +£50’ (if it hasn’t, have a look at your account->‘Refer a friend’ for the status of the switch as it might not have completed yet).