Referer link issues and your url redirection

I have noticed that the referer link that is indicated in my account does not always work. It often goes to a page not found error with a 404 HTML error.

I notice that you do a redirect to another URL which may be causing the problem.

For example my referer link : redirects to

Can I just use the final destination URL ( and prevent the 404 issues, or are you doing tracking and lead logging before your redirect?


I have noticed this too with my link sometimes producing the error 404 page. The “join” link never seems to produce an error even when the other one does. It’s only very occasional so I can live with it but it would be nice to know why this happens.

A quick follow up on this.

As no one from Bulb has commented, I phoned support who said that to the best of their knowledge it is OK to use the final URL, therefore avoiding the redirect.

So in my case the final URL is

Thanks for following this up, @chris. You’re fine to use the final destination URL, but if you have any trouble with it please shout and we’ll check it with our tech team.

Thanks for confirming that, Ellie