Referral + account credit

Hi, I signed up using a friend’s referral and I’m now fully switched over but neither of us has received the £50 credit. I originally signed up with my maiden name then changed it in my account before I was fully switched over - do you think this could be what’s caused the issue with the referral credit?

Also, I have since referred a couple of people myself (without any issues!) so my account is now in credit by quite a significant amount. Would it be possible to have some of this refunded back into my bank account? I’m quite happy with my current monthly payment so don’t feel I need to reduce that.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @caroline798. We’ve had a look at your account and we can see two referral credits in there. To answer your question more accurately, could you send us an email with the referral link that you used to sign up? Changing your name shouldn’t have affected the process,

Then we can check everything looks as it should in your account, and also in the account for the person that referred you.

Of course we’ll issue you a refund. We’ve sent you an email with more details.