Referral Conundrum

Hi from a Bulb Newbie. I’ve thankfully had no issues whatsoever since joining (on PP) and received my referral cash without incident through Transfer Wise, but both friends that I referred are having problems getting theirs. They’ve both set up to pay by DD (one in error) so their £50 has gone into their Bulb account and is now completely inaccesible to them. The next DD payments are due to come out despite their accounts being in credit, and customer services say they’re unable to transfer the money into their bank accounts?? Surely there’s a more straightforward way to make sure people get their cash and give them the choice to either withdraw it or leave it as (servicable) credit…? It’s not computing and I now have 2 very irked friends!! x

Have your friends looked at the Help page to find out the appropriate information regarding referral credit?