Referral credit and prepayment meter question

I recently switched to Bulb after being referred by a friend. I pay by direct debit. I have received my £50 referral credit. She likewise has been told she has received her £50 referral credit. But it doesn’t show up on her account (nothing does), nor has it registered on her meter. I think it is possibly because she is using a prepayment meter. How exactly might she access her £50 referral credit? If it can’t be transferred to her meter, could it be paid into her bank account instead. Some help would be appreciated. Thanks.

She should get an email. If you’re on prepayment then you gwt £50 cash deposit into your bank.
What date was The switch? She needs to check her emails. There should be one from transferwise


The switch was on 22 October. No, as far as I’m aware she didn’t receive an email from transferwise. Maybe I should call Bulb to see what is going on (email you can forget it). :slight_smile: