Referral credit issues

I joined via a referral link from my mother in law. I have an email saying :-

You already have an account with Bulb so we can’t give you any referral credit this time.

This is the only account I have with bulb.

I would check with Bulb direct, their contact details are on the bottom of the Help page.

Was going to just seeing if anyone else had the same issue. Will live chat tomorrow.

Bulb are best placed to answer your query, hope they resolve it for you.

Have you just moved into your property as this may possibly have a bearing if the property is already supplied by Bulb. However this doesn’t clear up the fact Bulb think you already have an account.

Moved in, but,it was sse for electric and British gas for gas.

Only thing I can think is gas was taken over later?

Will see what they say in the morning

Perhaps you can update the forum when Bulb sort out your query?