Referral Credit Missing

Hello, I recently switched to Bulb to supply my gas and electricity as it is significantly cheaper than my previous supplier. I was told that I would also get £50 for switching after my first meter top-up about a week ago, however my friend has received theirs and I have not received mine. I have attempted to contact bulb via email but have not gotten any response. I was just wondering if anybody else is in a similar situation.

Did you resolve this - I am still waiting for mine - how did you fix?

Hi @alexcbrookes and @betts.andrew,

If you’re switching to Bulb with a top-up meter, your credit will be sent through Transferwise after your first electricity top-up. They’ll email you to ask for your bank details a few days after your top-up. It can take 1 to 3 working days for your credit to arrive in your account after TransferWise sends it.

It is worth checking your spam inboxes for this email, it will expire after 7 days but we can resend it if this happens.