Referral credit not appearing in account

When signing up using a friends referral link, I got the email confirmation;

Welcome to Bulb! Once your switch is all done and dusted on 5th May, you’ll get £50 credit into your Bulb account. Great work going green.

It’s been over a month since then and nothing has shown up on my account nor my friends. I emailed support a week ago and they said they’d look into it and I’ve heard nothing since.

Hi neak

I just answered similar query, so the best and quickest way to sort your question out would be to ring them anytime from 9am till 6pm on 0300 30 30 635. They are very quick to answer and are very helpful, as they are on email and here on Community too.

Good luck

All the best

Ian B

I’m at work at those hours so would be hard to find a time for a call - no response on email still, I’ll wait on a response in this thread.

@neak Hiya, I found a bit of a glitch in that referral. I’ve added it manually now.

@“Devin at Bulb” thankyou, much appreciated.

If there’s anything else we can help with, please do get in touch :slight_smile: