Referral credit not showing in account

Hi, I have joined bulb and using a referral code for 100 discount, then a friend used the code to give me another 100, I can’t see either of these in my account and have had a debit request for 74. Please could you credit my account with the 200 and let me know when it’s been done? Many thanks!

@Shoaps23, referral credits doesn’t go into accounts until switches are complete.

As you say you signed up during the double bonus week, the earliest your switch could posssibly complete would be the 4th.

On your MyBulb page you will be able to see your switch date, as well as the date for your referred friend on the referral page here.

@mowcius - you’re completely right!
@Shoaps23 give us a shout if it goes past the date shown on the switch bar :slight_smile:

Thanks so much this has now been sorted.