Referral credit

Hi - my mum connected on my referral on 5/10/2017 - still no credit to my account on 13/10/17 . Can you advise how long it takes? - Thanks

@BJC59 Did she sign up on the 5th? If so, you’ll receive your credit on her supply start date on the 26th. If the 5th was her supply start date, we’ll have a look into it for you!

5th was supply date - 14/9/17 was sign-up - thanks

Sorry I’ll clarify - She’s also now signed up for gas but due to issue with British Gas not updating national database with new meter number - gas only started from today. Electricity supply started on 5/10/17…

@BJC59 there is a credit showing in your account that was applied earlier today. Could you ask your mother to check? If it still isn’t showing just let us know.

Hi Laura - referral credit showing on my account on 5/10/17 was from a different referral…No credit showing in either account - hers or mine - I’ve just checked.

@bjc59 Could I have your mothers name and postcode so I can take a look?

Margaret Curley - G33 4NA - thank you.

Hi @BJC59 I can confirm that the referral credit was added to both accounts on 13/10/17. Thanks for your patience