Referral credit


I’m a bit confused about the referral credit I’ve accumulated. I would have thought that any bills I had to pay would first come out of any referral credit on my account and then from my card, but this doesn’t appear to be the case. How does one access/use their referral credits?


You either have to tell bulb to use it instead of some payments by card or you can ask them to pay it out to your bank account. The system doesn’t automatically use credit instead of taking payment (yet?)

Hi @mnoorgat the referral credit will be used as funds to be used to pay for your energy.

Some people call us and we skip a payment or two.
Some people reduce their DD amount to account for the additional credit
Other people leave it in there for a rainy day.

Completely up to you!


Thank you both for your replies.

Rob, can I request here that my credit be used to pay off my bills until it’s all used up?