Referral credit

How do I redeem the credit as I have emailed bulb about this but not had a response?

The credit is applied to your account (just like your direct debit payments are) and is used to pay future bills. However, if your usage is continually under the amount you are paying in per month, then the credit will just sit there. You therefore have a few choices:

  • Let the credit build up for winter months when you are using more power for heating and therefore you bill will be higher.
  • Email Bulb asking for the money to be transferred to your bank account (they’ll ask that you have provided recent meter readings and have at least 1 months credit in your account for next months bills)
  • Or login to your account at go to Payments+Statements and reduce the amount your direct debit will be taken for so you can start nibbling away at the credit.

@Alital we’ve emailed you a confirmation of what we can refund