Referral credit

I referred a friend back in August last year 2018 and I did not receive the £50 referral fee.

I contacted you i think in March this year and you advised me that my friend had used someone elses referral .

My friend has since confirmed that she did receive an email from bulb saying ‘‘Congrats you have joined bulb! Andrew will be pleased’’

This confirms that she did in fact use my referral.

Can you please confirm what i need to do to receive the £50 referral fee.

I would suggest you contact the Bulb team direct, their details are on the Help page. None of us fellow customers on this forum will have access to the necessary information relating to your query.

Thanks. I cannot find a number or email to contact bulb on the website. I’m probably just missing it…

Found it. Just needed to scroll down !

Hi @Andy_Garrett01 happy to hear you were able to contact us via email. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.