Referral Credits into bank account

Hi, How do I get the referral credits into my bank account? I have £250 credited into my account.

Hey @shurjahan , wow thanks for spreading the Bulb love! All your referrals have certainly built up a nice bit of credit on your account. We can either issue a refund to a bank account of your choice or pause your payments for 2 months. Just let us know which you’d prefer :slight_smile:

Hi, Please can you refund to my bank account. Please let me know when this will be done. Thanks Rachel.

Hi @shurjahan, can you please call us to give us your bank account # and sort code? We’ll then transfer you the referral credit.

Hi, I called up now over 5 days ago and was told that I would have my credit in my bank, I have not yet received anything in my account. Please check why this is taking long.

I have spoken to Kim Curry on your customer service telephone service and was told that this has not been processed yet due to something. Previously last week Andrew said that he has processed the refund to be back into my account. I am not happy about this as I have referrred many people to join your company and have not got the service from you that I deserve having to call and message for the credits to be put into my account. In total now it is £450. I was told by Kim Curry that this is a large amount and this maybe the case, why?
I am getting you customers, what is the issue. Still waiting for response and a callback from Kim which has now been 2 hours!
I would appreciate if this is resolved asap as I have been waiting nearly a week.

@shurjahan I can see that Tim gave you a call yesterday to confirm the bank details,

Your credit refund is being processed but needs approval from the finance team due to the size of the refund, when this has been done the funds will be in your account the next day.

When you spoke to Andrew last week he did not have the bank details necessary to transfer your referral credit and that is why there has been a delay.

Thanks for referring :slight_smile: