Referral Fee Cancelled on the day I was due to receive it.

I have just had an email to say one of my referrals has left bulb, so I won’t get The referral fee. Her account was due to start today and I had an email 21 days ago telling me she had joined and I would get the referral fee today. How is this, when you cannot cancel after 14 days? Or is it that she has seen the price rises in the press, left as soon as her account went live and I have been done out of receiving the referral fee. This is the second one this week. That wasn’t the deal, the deal was that when your friends account goes live, the referee gets the referral fee on that date. Feeling conned here. I have also had an email stating ‘Sorry your referral fee is late, there was a problem with emails to a handful of customers and you were not informed your friend had joined through your link’ It states the fee has been credited to my account, but nothing is showing there. Something not right.

Hey @Lp5068. There are a few reasons why someone’s switch does not go ahead. This is not always due to someone withdrawing a request. However, on this occasion, your friend did request to withdraw their account within the cooling off period.

Your friend then signed up again using your link and the switch date was the 16th of September. As the email sent to you explained, you were not informed that they signed up through the link. Sorry about that. The £50 was added to your account - you can see this on the “payments and statements” section of your Bulb Account.

Let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

I haven’t received the credit from that friends referral though. The credit I received today was due from another referral.

Hey @Lp5068. You have received 7 lots of £50 referral credit. Not all of these will have shown up on your Bulb Account as we had to manually add credit on your account. I can privately message you with the referral codes of those who you have referred if you think this is incorrect.

Yes please. If you would.

This has been sorted out now thanks to Eleanor. Thank you for your help.